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Basic Membership

Access 24/7 to our office, desks, conference rooms, phone rooms, and more.
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Gold Membership

Access 24/7 to our office, desks, conference rooms, studios, and more.
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Platinum Membership

Access 24/7 to our office, desks, conference rooms, gym, and more.
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Office Space

We offer various memberships that provide access to an office space with an adjustable desk and a comfortable office chair.

Meeting Rooms

Elevate your meetings in several meeting rooms. All you need to do as a tenant is to book a meeting room.

Quiet Rooms

In all our memberships, you get access to quiet rooms for recording podcasts, phone calls, or just to work in silence.

Video Game Room

Do you need to work and take care of the children? Our Video Game Room can occupy children and teenagers, allowing them to socialise and have fun, while you can focus on your meeting.

Private Room

You can choose a private room, and then a number of memberships are included depending on the room you choose.


Experience the ease and convenience of hosting your own event with us, or immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of one of our carefully curated gatherings

The Holistic Rebalance Center

At The Holistic Rebalance Center, we offer relaxing psychophysical treatments. As a guest at The Connection, you can easily book massages and de-stressing sessions, enjoying exclusive offers.

The Brainstorming Space

Welcome to the Brainstorming Space, where you can plan and project your ideas directly onto the walls. Here, your ideas can grow into successful businesses. This inspiring space is perfect for turning your vision into reality

The Party Room

With Platinum membership, you can use our main conference room free of charge once a year for your birthday or event. We can then help with everything around the party.

The Connection.

Our vision is to create a place where people gather, network, learn and develop together with their companies. Place for community where all members can share knowledge and learn from each other through events, community and knowledge exchange.

Stefan Rapp – One of the founders of The Connection.

To implement this vision, we strive to collaborate with existing organizations and companies. By collaborating with other actors, we can together benefit from their expertise and resources to create a positive and enriching environment for our members.

Our vision includes that we offer a physical place for meetings and activities, for the arrangement of events that promote learning and community, as well as collaboration
with other organizations and companies. It will maximize members’ opportunities and development.

We want to create a place where the business community in Åkersberga naturally gathers. Meetings on-site, online, and events. We are opening in September, so follow us on your way there,” says Stefan Rapp, one of the founders of The Connection.

Together we create joy and community.

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